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About Paul Rome and Associates, LLC ("PRAL")

Our mission is to help banks, turnaround firms and attorneys maximize accounts receivable recoveries through our full suite of liquidation and management services. We move quickly to help clients reduce bad debt losses, accelerate cash flow and lower their overall accounts receivable management costs. Rely on our firm of seasoned professionals to perform at the very highest standard and deliver the accounts receivable collections results you expect.


A/R Liquidation For A Closed Company:

Liquidations can be provided for a closed company in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 liquidation that has ceased all sales of product.

The company’s accounts receivable portfolio can also be liquidated through an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC), a Receivership, or simply because owners have turned over their keys to a secured lender.

PRAL will liquidate the A/R portfolio, either on behalf of the lender or serve as a liquidating agent for a buyer of the portfolio.

A/R Liquidation For A Company Still Selling Product:

Liquidations can be provided for a company in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 situation, but where product is still being sold for a defined period of time.

PRAL will act as the temporary back office to collect immediate monies while product is still being marketed. This is known as first party collection. Once product sales have ceased, we will become a third party collector and begin the process of the liquidation of the A/R portfolio.

Accounts Receivable Management:

For Asset Based Lenders, PRAL can evaluate their portfolio to create eligibility for clients to borrow additional funds. PRAL can also manage the A/R portfolio in a first party climate to accelerate collection and lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Consulting and Expert Testimony:

PRAL can consult on behalf of a lender or a potential buyer of a business. We will evaluate an Accounts Receivable portfolio and provide highly-detailed, customized reporting to meet a client’s needs.

PRAL is also able to provide expert testimony in the areas of accounts receivable management and fraud.

Judgment Execution:

Attorneys often utilize PRAL to collect or recover preference judgments. PRAL can domesticate a federal bankruptcy judgment to the appropriate state and attempt to execute on the judgment once it is domesticated.